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            Welcome to the official website of ULiROBOTS, we are dedicated to serve you
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            About Us

            About Us

            ULiROBOTS Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, headquartered in Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone, Shanghai University Science Park. Mainly to independent research and development, sales, service as one of the automation technology enterprises. The company has combined talents from universities and colleges, including 2 robot and data platform RD doctors, 21 software and hardware platform developers, 48 production, engineering and service teams, and 26 operation and sales management personnel. Company strategic partners, Germany Mergenthaler, Germany Weller, Germany IPG, HZ, Delta Automation, Industrial Robot Research Institute of Jiaotong University, etc. The company has 5 self-developed control software, more than 12 new patents, and a number of patents are under application. Committed to the industrys high-end automatic soldering tin continuous technology development and application. 7+ professional automation mechanism engineers with assembly/welding/p...

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            +86 400-869-3332